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Hats off to our newest Rambler alumni!

Photos by Lukas Keapproth


Amid a sea of maroon regalia and beaming families, Loyola University Chicago’s campus comes alive to celebrate graduating Ramblers. Commencement season marks the culmination of years of hard work for the Class of 2024. With flowers adorning the pathways and picturesque photo spots at every turn, the atmosphere brims with revelry and gratitude.

This year, Loyola hosted 12 ceremonies, each offering graduates a moment to honor their achievements and reflect in the Ignatian tradition before setting forth into the world.

In his address to the graduates, President Mark C. Reed underscored the significance of the Jesuit educational experience in fostering global citizenship.

“You have received much during your time at Loyola, but remember that your education ultimately isn’t just for you,” Reed said. “It’s for you to serve and make a difference in your community, your family, your chosen profession, and the lives of others.“

As educators, we fight for social justice. We have the opportunity to foster empathy, equity, and advocacy for the self and others.

— Elizabeth Rose Usher , Bachelor of Science in Education, Secondary Education, School of Education

Environmentalism is more than a degree, it is a way of life for us. It represents many years of assiduous study to better understand how we can coexist with the Earth.

— Michael Hughey , Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies, School of Environmental Sustainability

Today, let us honor the sacred paths each of us has taken to get here. Let us celebrate the people who see who we are well before we see it ourselves.

— Emily Gumper , Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Institute of Pastoral Studies

So, as you go forth and set the world on fire, add the science of listening to your spectacular array of Loyola scientific training. Your fires will shine longer and more brightly.

— Lawrence Benjamin (MPH '16) , founder and managing director, Capwell Partners

The unwavering dedication of the faculty has left an unforgettable mark, while the lasting connections with fellow students have enriched my experience far beyond the classroom.

— Krystal Westmoreland , Master of Professional Studies, Instructional Design, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

I’ve used the values that I learned here: To strive to be a person for others, a person of service. Those Jesuit principles certainly influenced me to seek a path in the law.

— Mary Jane Theis, JD (BA ’71) , chief justice, Illinois Supreme Court

Although the fight to expand the inclusivity of the legal field continues, our resilience and passion knows no limits. Know that we are not only making our families proud but our communities and ancestors as well.

— Abigail Natividad Magat , Juris Doctor, School of Law

Most graduation speeches have a grandiose message but I’m just a simple Bone Doctor and I have a simple message: be creative, be fun, be bold.

— Kamran Hamid, MD , associate professor, Stritch School of Medicine