Loyola advances campus plan for a thriving future

Initiative prioritizes student experience, academic excellence, and community engagement.

The sun rises over the Lake Shore Campus.

Loyola University Chicago is making significant strides in its campus planning initiative, launched in the spring of 2023 to address crucial needs amid a rapidly evolving academic landscape.  

Through needs assessment, data analysis, and stakeholder engagement, Loyola is charting a course for the future that prioritizes student experience, academic excellence, and resiliency.  

With the support of professional planners from RDG Planning and Design, the initiative seeks to create a vibrant and inclusive campus environment. The planning process started with developing an understanding of current conditions and has incorporated crucial inputs like classroom utilization data and benchmarking analyses, which have provided insights into the current infrastructure and areas for optimization. This data-driven approach ensures that the resulting plan reflects the diverse needs of students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities. 

From town hall meetings to consultations with stakeholder groups, including focus groups with faculty, staff and students, efforts have been made to ensure thorough representation of a diverse range of perspectives. Loyola is actively engaging with various groups, including the City of Chicago, Rogers Park, and Edgewater communities, to gather input and feedback throughout the planning process. 

Recognizing the importance of investing in the student experience, maintaining competitiveness in attracting top-tier faculty and staff, adapting to post-pandemic changes in pedagogy, and addressing shifts in workplace environments, the campus planning effort will bolster Loyola’s capacity to address these challenges head-on. Key needs identified include new teaching and residential space, enhanced lab facilities, expanded recreation areas, and improved student support services. 

As Loyola continues to make progress, updates will be posted to Next steps will include an expanded community engagement process. 

The planning effort sets the course for the long-term vision of the University’s primary campuses, addressing strategic campus and facility initiatives tailored to meet the evolving needs of future students. By prioritizing student experience, academic excellence, and resiliency, Loyola is laying the foundation for a bold and inclusive future. 

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